Kutler Center for Independent Research and Interdisciplinary Studies

The Brendan Kutler Center cultivates and sustains interdisciplinary studies and independent research at Harvard-Westlake. The center, an innovative academic hub on the upper school campus, is named in honor of Brendan Kutler, a student whose wide variety of interests allowed him to excel in interdisciplinary thinking and who never passed up a chance to learn both cooperatively and independently. Learn more about the Kutler Center’s programs.


The building features light filled spaces which include three new classrooms, an office for the program director and numerous spaces for student collaboration. Throughout his brief life, Brendan thrived in situations where he could pursue intellectual truths and make connections between disciplines. He enjoyed independent research and study, often taking classes without credit for the shear joy of learning new things. Brendan’s wide variety of interests and activities are reflected in both the interdisciplinary studies that are the focus of the Kutler Center and the metaphors embedded in the design of the building.

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